About us
A photo of Sol, Pedro and Sel with some mountains on the background

We are Pedro and Sel, two curious, dreamy, busybodies who slowly changed our lives and careers to embrace a nomadic and happy life together.

In 2021, our baby daughter Sol was born, and we promised ourselves to keep our nomadic lifestyle that brought us so much happiness and fulfillment. We continued to travel and work, but naturally, our family and routines changed, and we started feeling a lack of community for ourselves and our daughter.

During our travels and worldschooling, we casually made friends with other families, inviting them to stay with us and vice versa. We shared meals, drinks, conversations, laughs, traditions, walks, swims, and our kids enjoyed games, playing, and lots of laughter. These moments filled our hearts with joy.

A photo of Sol, Pedro and Sel with some mountains on the background

We wished to extend this invitation of joy to other families seeking connections, as existing homestay platforms mostly target different demographics, making it challenging to find fellow families with kids. Driven by our experiences and the realization that many families like us seek connection and travel, Homestays with Kids was born.

We imagine a community where our kids are welcome wherever we go, allowing us parents to find a space to share our experiences. Homestays with Kids isn't a substitute for hotels and Airbnb, but it's the perfect complement for families seeking connections while also saving on accommodation costs.

Join us on this journey to redefine family travel and community!

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